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Year 1

Year 1 visited the Ragged School on Monday. They were transported back over 100 years to a Victorian classroom with the very strict Mrs Perkins.  They practiced writing their alphabet on slate and experienced first hand just how different school was many years ago.  

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Year 4

Year 4 entered a competition where they have to write a persuasive letter to our Prime Minister Theresa May to explain to her the ‘Future We Want’ and express our concerns of Climate Change. Out of all the children in the whole country, Rashid’s letter was chosen as the most powerful and he and a […]

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Cub Scouts

Jake in Year 5,  received the Top Award for Cub Scouts which was the Chief Scout Silver Award. This is because he has worked in a team and completed all seven challenge awards and six activities or staged badges.  

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Apples & Pears

Our last Apples & Pears trip took us to Surrey Quays Hollywood Bowl. We had lots of fun together and enjoyed a few hours with ten pins and a heavy ball! Thanks to the A&P charity, these trips are completely free – why not to join us on the 1st April when we’ll be exploring […]

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