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Cooking Club

Some Year 6 had fun in our new Cooking club and prepared from scratch delicious meatballs in tomato sauce with spaghetti and as a pudding banana flapjack. The Cooking club was introduced as a part of transitioning to secondary schools and teaching children important life skills; no matter what your position or achievement is, you need to be able to […]

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Horniman Museum

Year 2 travelled on the Overground to Forest Hill where we visited the Horniman Museum. We explored the new “Robot ZOO” exhibition and an aquarium, which linked well with our Science studies on animals. We also had lots of fun watching some farm animals (lazy lamas in particular!) and shared a picnic with a stunning view of London from […]

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School Council interviews the Governors

Last week, the school council had the opportunity to interview School Governors in a very special question and answer conference! Each class was asked to think about what they would like to ask the Governors on Governor’s Day, the questions were then submitted to the school councillors. The school council’s communications team, led by Magna […]

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