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Helping hands


We are so privileged that we are surrounded with people who love us and care about us. Our parents or carers, teachers at school, the lollypop lady, who helps us to safely cross the road every morning and every afternoon, as well as doctors and nurses in hospitals. We are going to get a special visit from a police officer and also a fire-fighter who will bring in his full kit and let us to try it on!

Lollipop lady Betty Timbrel003-1

What would we do without these people who help us so much? It will be fun to find out more about what they do and to act out their jobs. As we learn all the letters of the alphabet by the end of the first half term, it might be a good idea to put our knowledge into practice and to express our gratitude and write a thank you letters to some of them. They make us happy by helping us, we’ll make them happy by appreciating them!

Daring Dinosaurs

They might have died millions years ago, but they still live in our hearts. We all love dinosaurs! We are going to find out about different dinosaurs, handle fossils, learn big scientific words such as “carnivore” and “herbivore” and use non-fiction text to find out about them and to describe them in our own writing.

Dare you to join us to face these ancient monsters?



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