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Year 1


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..This Autumn term Year 1 will be going ‘to infinity and beyond’. In literacy, we will be reading the book ‘Whatever Next!’. We will become experts at retelling stories, creating story maps, writing lists and diaries.


In science we will become physicists – learning about the sun and moons movement across the sky. The class will investigate how shadows change during the day and discuss the four seasons with the associated weather for each. The children will put on their own shadow puppet show for the rest of the class to enjoy.



Geography lessons will take the class outside and around their local area. They will begin to recognise familiar places, use maps to gather information, understand basic map symbols and recognise different housing types.


Our work in religious education will teach us about the significance of the church to Christians. The children will visit St. Peters Church where they will identify symbols of Christianity. They will also develop an understanding of why Saints are important to Christianity and learn about the Christmas story. As the month of December fast approaches the children will begin rehearsals for The Nativity which they take a central lead in.

all religions buildings



‘You’ve got a friend in me’



This spring term the Year 1 children will go toy crazy! The classroom will be turned into a toy shop and the children will become historians learning about past and present toys. In Literacy the children will work on non-fiction writing, learning facts and applying their phonics to their work.


In science we will become chemists – learning about materials and their properties. Working in groups we will build houses made from different materials and make a prediction as to which is the strongest and why.


This term Religious Education will cover what the Lord’s prayer means, St Peter and why is Good Friday good? As we approach Easter the children will also spend time learning about the Easter story.

The children have the opportunity to get creative in art and will experiment with different materials. They will sculpt, paint and sketch various toys across the years from different view points. Looking carefully, they will discuss the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his painting ‘Children’s games’. Can you recognise any of the games they are playing?


‘Wild thing’

This Summer term the Year 1 children will turn wild (sorry!) as they read the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. They will take part in story whooshes, create wanted posters and practise using adjectives and similes.

In Science they will become biologists –naming parts of the human body, comparing the human body to an animals and learning about the main parts of a plant. The children will also spend time looking at why bees are so important and why we couldn’t survive without them.

History lessons will entail learning about British Kings and Queens such as Richard III, Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. The children will spend time looking at the royal family tree before having a chance to create their very own.

As the warmer weather approaches, fruits and vegetables are beginning to make more of an appearance. The importance of healthy eating will be discussed with the children and they will have the opportunity to create some tasty healthy treats in the school kitchen.

In Religious Education the children will be developing their knowledge of other religions such as Islam and Judaism. They will look at key festivals, important artefacts and will be given the opportunity to ask lots of questions.


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