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School News

Year 2

Food glorious food! This term year 2 will embark on a delicious adventure using our senses and imagination beginning with the traditional tale, The Enormous Turnip. In Literacy we will be using drama to re-tell the story and write a traditional tale of our own whilst moving forward on our food adventure; we will be writing some tantalizing food poems and cooking up a storm of our own in DT.


In science we will investigate living things and their habitats. We will discover what makes a living thing living, and what is needed to keep living things alive. We will be able to answer questions we might have from The Enormous Turnip Story- how did the enormous turnip grow so large? And what was the old man and lady’s secret in living for so many years?


In geography we will be debating whether it is right for people to pay a fine if they are caught dropping litter. We want to care for Wapping, and the wider environment so will be researching ways we can reduce litter. We will go on a ‘litter walk’ of Wapping, compare our local area to a city in another country where there isn’t such as issue of litter pollution and see if we can do anything as individuals to make a difference!


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