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Year 3

Our Creative Curriculum Topics for the Year 2017 to 2018 include:


Autumn in Year 3      

The start of the academic year in English will include a focus on writing stories including Fables and writing based on other stories such as Princess Smartypants. Here our pupils will be immersed in a range of drama related activities interspersed with the knowledge of grammar along the way to produce their own exciting versions of story types.


Maths this Autumn will first of all include a short daily focus on learning our times tables which will better allow us to access the four major operations including: Multiplication, Division addition and subtraction. Worded problems in the context of these operations will begin to equip our year three pupils with the knowledge and application of these operations in real life situations.

Science will continue to enthuse our year 3 pupils try to satisfy their curiosity with exciting topics throughout the year including first focusing on Biology and plants including parts, lifecycle, requirements for life, investigate how water is transported within plants, pollination and seed dispersal. As with all our science in year 3, pupils will be actively involved in answering important topic questions, planning investigations based on that particular question and finally and then analysing their results all in the context of science being fun and interesting!  science


This Autumn term in R.E. year 3 will learn about Hinduism and then in the lead up to xmas will be exploring how Advent and Epithany show us what Christmas is really about?

Year 3 History and learning would not be complete without a study of Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age including reference to Stone Henge.We will be involved in developing our artistic skills in drawing relating paintings as well as design and technology skills in producing Stone Henge model dwellings.


Spring in year 3

Maths during the Spring term continues to build on our Times Tables Skills with our daily ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and during this term fractions and decimals will feature strongly amongst other areas including Measures. We will also be revisiting some of our earlier operations as a means of consolidation and expansion of our knowledge and skills.



English will focus on developing our creative writing skills linked excitingly to our study of the Ancient Egyptians .Pupils get ready to write their own version of the Legend of Osiris!


History this term is dominated by the study of the Egyptians exploring the achievements of this earliest civilization including Structures, Egyptian Life, Famous individuals, Beliefs. Our study will include a trip to The British Museum where pupils will be engaged in an exciting workshop as well as be able to see first-hand Egyptian Artefacts.

Following on from an exciting introduction to Judo and an intensive swimming week in the Autumn Term P.E will prove to be equally active this term with Dance and Handball amongst other sports pupils will be involved in this term.

Geography which by now will have had cross curricular links in other subjects during the Autumn term will now focus specifically on Weather around the world.

We will continue to Investigate our world in Science by having a close look at Rocks and Soils on our planet and again we will be involved in lots of collaborative and individual investigations further enhancing our scientific knowledge.


Summer in Year 3    

Last but not least, Summer in year 3 promises to be a term continued to be filled with lots of interesting and fun learning and also educational trips out of school. It will also be the term in which our pupils perform for parents in the year 3 class assembly.

As ‘Eco Warriors’ in this term, our curriculum links will relate to aspects of the environment considering the ways in which we can look after our environment and indeed planet as a whole.

Geography for example will focus on Geographical skills and local fieldwork – observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area (surveys/maps/directions/grid-reference).We will of course study human geography – pollution, litter project and recycling.

We will kick start the term in English with our English Unit titled ‘The Giving Tree’ in which by building alongside grammar skills Pupils will be involved in producing their own adaptations both as a play script and as a story. Dramatic representations weaves its way through this unit making it an enjoyable and most memorable study.


Further consolidation in Maths will take place in this term of all of the x4 main operations, including more specific focuses on Geometry,Measurement and Statistics.

Computing takes on another exciting meaning in this term where pupils will be involved in programming as a result of developing their Scratch programming skills. Pupils will also be involved in carrying out whole school surveys when they become ‘Opinion Pollsters’ collecting and analysing data.

Physics is the main focus of this term and here Sources of light; shadows & reflections will all be considered and studied in much more detail than pupils have experienced previously. One of the regular features of our science lessons is that pupils are introduced to a 5min experiment the type of which can easily be replicated in the home with everyday materials.


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