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Year 4

Autumn – Arctic Explorers!

This term, Year 4 are going back in time and finding out about Arctic Explorers such as those involved in the ‘Mad Dash’ to the poles… Who won this daring race? We’re not going to spoil it for you, but a couple of people in the running were the Mighty Matthew Henson and the Intrepid Ernest Shackleton! When hopes to win the race to the poles were dashed, explorers had to create new and even more extreme challenges for themselves such as the trans-Antarctic crossing. We will be writing recounts and diaries of these mad missions and reporting the highs and lows!

We will be visiting the Greenwich Maritime Museum to board Shackleton’s ship and meet Tom Crean, one of Shackleton’s crew members.

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Spring – Wapping and the Wilder World!

This term we will be starting close to home and will then branch further afield, beginning with a River Thames Project where we will learn all about the history of our capital’s river.

We will also be exploring the history and geography of our local area using Digi-maps and through orienteering. Then, we will widen our horizons to the rest of the United Kingdom, focusing on key topographical features including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers.

In Literacy this term, we will be starting a new unit called The Zoo where we will be improving our persuasive writing skills, so beware mums and dads, the children may be convincing you for a little bit more pocket money! (Hopefully the children will put their skills to better use though, and will focus their attentions on better treatment and consideration for animals).

Finally, to help develop our speaking and listening skills this term, we will be doing a Dragon’s Den style task to create better enclosures for animals in zoos, focusing on their needs and replicating their natural habitats.

To complete this exciting, class learning we have teamed up with London Zoo and will be completing a project with them through the summer term where we will make 3 visits to the ZOO and have lessons via Skype with the zoo keepers!

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Summer – Roaming Romans!


This summer, we are learning about the Romans and all the great things they bought to Britain when they invaded. We will be learning about Boudicca a brave fiery red-headed Celt who stood up for herself and her Iceni tribe and took on the Rotten Romans!

We will be exploring the ever expanding Roman Empire in Geography.

Did you know that the Romans, under the instruction of Julius Caesar, actually failed to invade Britain twice! But finally succeeded when Emperor Claudius was in charge!


To complement our Roman learning, we will be creating our own Roman mosaic in our art lessons.


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