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Year 5

Year 5

In Year 5 we will be travelling through space and time to discover…

What’s up there, in space, and how do we know?


In science, we are learning about the Solar System, night and day and time-zones. We will be looking at the night skies and finding out why the Sun appears to move across the sky, and how this creates night and day in different parts of the world.

What is a myth and what do they have to do with the Vikings?


In the Autumn term we will be learning about the fierce Vikings who invaded Britain and studying the terrifying and gruesome myth of Beowulf the great warrior.


Who were the Ancient Greeks and what did they do for us?

In the Spring term, Year 5 will be exploring the lives of the Ancient Greeks through storytelling and legends.


Why did the great Titanic sink?

In the Summer term we will be using a variety of sources to investigate what happened on the great Titanic ocean liner and find out who was effected by the tragedy.

So many questions and so little time!

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