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Year 6

Autumn Term

Our Lives

In the Autumn term, Year 6 take a look at a topic they know well – Themselves! We spend our Literacy time reading and writing autobiographies. As well as this we look at the lives of well-known historical figures including Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Michael Rosen and Roald Dahl. In Art the children create self-portraits and use these as illustrations to our Biography work.


In Mathematics we continue our learning by practicing our operations, number knowledge, shape and measure and applying these to investigations and problems.

In Science the children take a more scientific look at themselves – thinking about how their bodies work in our unit “Animals including Humans”. In the second half of the term we take a deeper look at electricity and how circuits work.

Science 1

In R.E. the children look at the lives of people in Tower Hamlets and the religious make-up of the area they live in as well as the UK as a whole.

In Music, the children continue with whole class Guitar lessons to develop the skills they began to learn in Year 5.

The children spend the Autumn term getting their bodies ready for a year of sport with a fitness unit  and as the weather gets colder head out onto the ice at Canary Wharf for skating sessions.

Skating 1

Spring Term

In the Spring term, children in Year 6 channel their inner author and write their own suspense story based on the works of Leon Garfield’s Wedding Ghost. In the second half of the term they start a long twelve week project on Children in the Second World War.

The Wedding Ghost

In Math the children develop skills on coordinates, ratio, statistical data and begin to revise all they have learnt to ensure they are ready for their SATs in the early summer.

In Science, the children become detectives looking at the effects of Light and Shadow – incorporating this into DT work and Art.

The children develop as dancers and gymnastics in their P.E. work ,and in R.E. look at the festivals and celebrations of the Jewish religion and in the build up to the holiday Christian traditions of Lent and Easter.

Summer Term

In the Summer term, after their SATs tests, the Year Six children have the chance to attend an annual five day residential at Stubbers Residential Centre in Upminster. This is a time for the children to develop new skills including archery, kayaking, sailing, shooting and climbing. It is a wonderful time for the children to bond before leaving St. Peter’s for their time at Secondary School.


Upon their return to school, the children begin their final topic – The Producers. They write, create and perform in their own stage play which is total lead by the children and can include set design, musical performances, song writing, acting, front of house duties, costume design and making and a wealth of different opportunities to show case their different talents. past shows have included Year 6 Has Talent, a home written opera and most recently a performance of Macbeth. Keep a look out for what this years class has up their sleeves!


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