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Fasten the deck board with composite decking screws along the edge closest to house; drive one screw into each joist. 7. Install a hidden. To install last plank, used end nippers to remove the spikes from one side of hidden fasteners. 15. Install last . . Starrett RS 24 Steel L Shaped Rafter Framing Square, 24" x 16" Length.

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There are a variety of hidden fastener systems available for use to install decking.. Many manufactured decking materials offer deck boards that are sold with a grooved edge for use with hidden fasteners. You can . . The Extreme fastener clip has a square profile that installs from the top down similar to the Standard clip.

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Fasteners recommended for use with grooved deck boards include Phantom Hidden Fasteners and Phantom End Clip. Hidden Fasteners. Check decking for the most up to date fastener recommendations, including specific instructions for square edge and grooved Paramount deck boards. Installing .

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If you are using hidden deck fasteners, there may be occasions when you need to cut a groove into a square edge deck board.. in the video; After ensuring a correct measurement and cut, cut your grooves in the boards either at the location a groove is required or groove the entire board; Install the TC G clips as directed.

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Veranda® Composite Decking and Railing perform better than standard wood decking but are just as simple to install. Click on. When using a minimum 2x6 joist standing on edge and the suggested 1 4" side gap, there should be a 2" clear space between the bottom edge of the joists and grade in order to allow for proper .

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Decking Installation Parts. For latest warranties and installation instructions visit . Start. Clip. Universal. Fastener. Cap Tor. Screw. Square Edge. Decking Board. Grooved Edge. Decking Board. Installing Start Clips and First Board. Complete Universal. Fasteners Installation. Installing Screws and Universal .

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Installing boards in opposing directions will create contrasting light and dark shades in your deck and is not covered under warranty. For the best colour consistency, install all. Routing Veranda deck boards will yield a sharp, clean edge. Veranda Tropics and .

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Additional Resources. Starborn® Cap Tor xd capped composite screws · FastenMaster® TrapEase® 3 Composite Deck Screws  .

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800.566.3337 . Manufactured by. Horizon® Decking. Square Edge. Grooved. 5.4 in. x .94 in. x 16 ft. . 5.4 in. x .94 in. x 12 ft. . Veranda WPCGuard® Decking. Veranda® Decking. Square Edge. Square Edge. Grooved. Fascia .75 in. x 11.25 in. x 8 .

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Installing grooved boards with hidden deck fasteners also helps with the safety of your deck since you won't ever have to deal with surface nails coming in contact. to picture frame your deck, you might use non grooved boards for most of the job, but frame it with grooved boards to produce a finished, square edge result.

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Always be sure to check and cut the factory cut ends of all boards to ensure they are square. • Install from the outside edge of the deck and work toward the house. • Fasten no closer than 19 mm from the outside edge of each plank, using two screws per joist including end joints. • For gapping requirements, see page 3 .


DECKING SPECIFICATIONS AND PROFILES. 1 in x 6 in . Square Edge Board. Actual Dimensions: 1 in x 5.5 in . 1 in x 6 in . Grooved Edge Board. Actual Dimensions: 1 in x 5.5 in . Connector Clip . Universal Starter Clip. Universal Fastener .

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Cortex hidden face fastener instructions square edge surface fastening system. 1. 2. 3. The Cortex® hidden face fastening system is the fastest, easiest way to hide deck screw heads on stairs, perimeter boards or when replacing a deck board. The Cortex plugs come in a variety of colors that are complementary to .

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Installation Options. NOTE: For best resultS, uSe Square edge decking and manually route Sides that Will be used to attach hidden faStenerS. Option 1: Face Screw Option 2:Using 2“x4" Wood. 1. Instal Start Clips againstriser On each step, Support Blocks. 2. Instali firstboard, FolloW StepS On page 29. 1.

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are square. Walking Surface. AZEK deck boards need to be installed embossed side up. Static Electricity. Static build up is a natural occurring phenomenon that can occur with . .. Install three screws from top to bottom with top and bottom screws positioned no more than 1 2” from the edge as shown below. The third .

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SQUARE EDGE: EverGrain and Envision square edge decking products can be fastened by screws, EG 1 2 3 Hidden Fasteners, CAMO Marksman Pro. Hidden Deck Fastening System, or one of many compatible square edge hidden fastening systems available. The chosen fastener manufacturer's installation instructions .

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1 Jan 2011. As a result, you have to pay close attention when you install it or the gaps won't be consistent. It's a lot easier to estimate decking if you're planning to use fasteners that don't require grooved boards. With exposed fasteners, you can order just square edged boards. When using grooved boards and hidden .

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788 2254 CaliBamboo. BamDeck Installation Guide. The Collection. Decking Systems. Decking Accessories. Available Colors. BAMDECK 3G. 5 7 16” Wide. BAMDECK SQUARE EDGE. 5 7 16”. and installing Cali Bamboo® decking: gloves, respiratory protection, long sleeves, pants, and safety glasses.