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FloorTraction’s anti slip treatment renders stone based floors slip resistant when exposed to water or moisture of any kind. FloorTraction’s solution is applied to and extracted from the floor. FloorTraction’s process must be administered by our fully trained and experienced staff.

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There’s a treatment WE apply (below), and DIY anti slip floor treatment chemicals YOUR cleaning crew would apply. Non Slip 21 (below) is an anti slip floor treatment that we would apply to your slippery flooring and then provide certified testing afterwards for your records.


These outdoor surfaces cannot be always kept dry and will inevitably become slippery so our anti slip treatment can make these floors safe. Anti slip treatment of your floor tiles can significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries on smooth polished surfaces due to slip and fall accidents. The NeverSlip Treatment is an ideal choice to prevent accidental slipping on smooth wet surfaces.

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Anti slip floor treatment to reduce accidents on all hard .

The specialist anti slip floor treatment* is ideal for hard floors that are subject to the inevitable daily spills, tap splashes and the ingress of foot borne moisture which increase the chance of slipping and accidents.

Stone Grip AntiSlip Treatment for all slippery tiles .

Stone Grip AntiSlip Treatment for all slippery tiles . Black Stair Safety Anti Slip Tread Tape . Your floor will be safe wet or dry.

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Specialists in anti slip treatments, testing and cleaning for natural stone, porcelain & ceramic floors. Based in UK we offer a fast nationwide service

Handl Solutions Anti Slip Floor Treatments, Coatings .

Handl Solutions Anti Slip Floor Treatments, Coatings, Cleaners, Safety Tapes NO SKIDDING Products the answer to slippery surfaces.

No Skidding Anti Slip Treatment for ceramic, stone, hard .

No Skidding Industrial Strength Anti Slip Floor Treatment 90378. Industrial Strength Anti Slip Floor Treatment. Regular #90378 for ceramic, mosaic, granite, .

Anti Slip Treatment Anti Slip Floor Treatment

SLIPSTOP anti slip treatments have over and over again proved to be the best and most cost effective solution for slippery floor problems. SLIPSTOP anti slip treatments are single application treatments that make slippery floors anti slip within hours.

Anti Slip Floor Treatments

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Anti Slip Flooring & Anti Slip Floor Treatment Magic Grip

MagicGRIP is a permanent anti slip flooring treatment for hard tiled areas, and the solution to your slip and fall issues which will feel smooth and retain a high gloss finish, also making the after care much easier.

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Anti Slip Solutions . " it’s no good testing a clean and dry floor then expecting it to be slip . Safe Grip Anti Slip / Non Slip treatment reduces the risk and .

Anti slip Floor Treatments

Anti Slip Floor Treatments. No Skidding treatments are suitable for slippery when wet ceramic, porcelain tile, mosaic, granite, saltillo, terrazzo, quarry tile, slate, glazed brick, unsealed concrete, porcelain/enamel tubs, tile shower stalls & other stone or mineral surfaces.

Anti slip Floor Treatments

The wetter the floor the more effective the slip resistance. No Skidding Anti Slip treatment is typically undetectable to the naked eye yet significantly increases the slip resistance of the floor creating a safer floor surface for pedestrians when wet.

Anti Slip Coating for slippery floors #101, Slippery Floor .

Anti Slip Floor Etching Product #102 This is a concentrated Anti Slip treatment flooring product, and the best solution. Why concentrate Slippery ceramic tile, porcelain tile and concrete have different textures, hard surfaces, and many of them need a different anti slip treatment for slip resistance.

SLIPSTOP Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Anti Slip Solutions Company SLIPSTOP has been providing anti slip floor treatment for clients worldwide. Contact us to get non slip flooring solutions.

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Anti Slip Flooring Applications Surface Types. Antislip is NOT AN ACID ETCHING SYSTEM but a sophisticated, long lasting and effective non slip wet floor treatment that can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces including: Quarry Tiles; Ceramic Tiles; Marble & Granite; Terrazzo; Porcelain; Environments