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Decorative Columns. Columns, Exterior. Column . Fiberglass Columns. . Our architectural columns and column wraps are true to the classical orders of architecture .

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Our FRP fiberglass columns are maintenance free, attractive and affordable. Browse our fiberglass columns or use our 3 step column builder to design your own.

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An architectural column includes a tubular column body having a longitudinal axis extending from a first end to a second end, at least one inner layer, at least one .

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Chadsworth Columns is the leading provider for interior and exterior architectural columns. Utilizing the finest materials to construct the highest quality of columns, Chadsworth Columns is known to provide the most luxurious columns in the world.

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Architectural Columns. Our Composite Fiberglass Columns are among the most enduring. They meet and exceed industry standards while defining both exterior and interior .

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Get introduced to the types and styles of columns found in architecture through the . Corinthian Like Composite Columns and . "The Column A History of Style."

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The fiberglass column is a relatively new addition to the architectural world. Columns have been an important part of architectural design for thousands of years, but until the late twentieth century, only wood, stone, concrete, and steel were options.

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Single piece, hollow Poly Classic Columns offer authentic architectural details perfect for both interiors and exteriors. Columns add sophistication and cla

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Looking for composite columns for your project? You'll find endless designs and finishes at Melton Classics.

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While our interior columns come in either glassfiber reinforced gypsum, polyurethane or fiberglass composite materials. We have many standards size columns to chose from or you request custom columns per order. We specialize in large columns and odd shaped column styles.

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DuraClassic™ Fiberglass Composite Columns for any design or project. Melton Classics provides the best selection and quality.

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The leading provider of interior and exterior architectural columns, . Order a composite column sample kit with all 3 colors and our paintable option.

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Free architectural library for columns design information, quickly access manufacturer's websites for the product information you need.

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The architectural column has remained popular since classical times. It has won favor through revival periods, and continues to inspire timelessly elegant exterior and interior enhancements today. Whether crafted in ultra durable fiberglass or naturally beautiful carved wood, the architectural column has a special beauty, and it is sure to become a defining addition to any space.

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Fiberglass Columns and Column Covers. Architectural Fiberglass, Inc offers three different types of fiberglass columns and column covers manufactured with different advantageous material properties, manufacturing processes, and price points.

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What Sets Architectural Detail Apart From Other Column Manufacturers? 2577 N 200 W #3 D; Logan, Utah 84341; ph. 435.753.0800; fx. 435.755.0852; toll free 877.242.1535

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DuraClassic™ Composite Fiberglass Columns. Our popular DuraClassic™ composite fiberglass columns are are the industry standard for quality and durability and are .

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What is a Composite column? Learn about composite columns and the Classical Orders of Architecture, an idea that goes back to ancient Rome.

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The Column A History of Style Columns, Posts, . however, the wrong column can be an architectural distraction. . Corinthian Like Composite Columns and Arches.

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Fiberglass Columns by Melton Classics. Melton Classics fiberglass columns are quality built from the finest materials, affordably priced, and backed by our limited .

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Fiberglass composite columns are fairly new to the architectural building world. Architectural columns have been an essential part of architectural design since before the Roman Empire. However, the architects of the twentieth century have taken the old style columns of wood; stone and concrete, and added new polymer materials.

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The composite order is a mixed . also found in ancient Roman architecture but not included by Vitruvius in . The interior of the church has 16 composite columns.

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An architectural column includes a tubular column body having a longitudinal axis extending from a first end to a second end, at least one inner layer, at least one support layer and at least one outer layer, wherein the support layer includes a composite fabric having fibers and a bonding resin.

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In classical architecture, columns are visually distinctive . More about Composite columns and the . A fillet that is depressed between two other architectural .

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Architectural Column . Our popular DuraClassic™ composite fiberglass columns are are the industry standard for quality and durability and are backed by .