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BOTANICAL NAME, Cedrela Odorata. OTHER NAMES, Acajou, Ceder, Cedre Rouge, South American Cedar. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES, Moderately good steam bending characteristics. The wood is strong in relation to its weight.

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Spanish Cedar (Cedrela or Cedro). A popular wood for a variety of luxury applications, Spanish Cedar has been effectively used for millwork, cabinetry, fine furniture, musical instruments, boat building, cigar wrappers and humidors, patterns, 

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Cedar Spanish lumber wood, Cedrela odorata lumber for woodworking Cedar Spanish Lining 1/4" lumber Random Widths, Random Lengths. 25. Ratings Snapshot Cedar Spanish 4/4 Project Pack 20 Board Feet of lumber. 2. Ratings 

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Pricing/Availability Seldom exported, Australian Red Cedar is sometimes available as lumber, or as musical instrument Comments Formerly placed in the Cedrela genus, Australian Red Cedar bears many similarities with Spanish Cedar 

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Why use Spanish cedar Take your pick the consistent reddish gold color, the extraordinary low weight, the ease of machining, or its general good looks. The wood is the traditional choice for the interior of humidors (cigar boxes) because it 

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Spanish Cedar lumber, turning wood, hobby wood and instrument wood. Our facility produces Birdseye Maple lumber, LATIN CEDRELA ODORATA ORIGIN CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA. Spanish Cedar is not a true Cedar.

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Cedrela odorata is a commercially important species of tree in the chinaberry family, Meliaceae, commonly known as Spanish cedar or Cuban the genus Cedrela. Known as Spanish cedar in English commerce, the aromatic wood is in high demand in the American tropics because it is naturally termite and rot resistant.

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A light but strong, strht grained, and durable wood, Spanish Cedar is well suited for millwork, cabinets, fine furniture, Spanish Cedar, cedrella Odorata, Light pink/brown heartwood, Generally strht grained with some interlocking, Easy 

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Cedar, Spanish. Species Cedar, Spanish Cedrela odorata. Known as Cigar Box or Spanish Cedar this deciduous tree resembles American Mahogany. Ranging from Central America and the West Indies, this lumber is also called Honduras, 

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Find great deals on eBay for Spanish Cedar in lumber for Woodworking Arts and Crafts. Shop with Cedrela odorata ) wood sample for inclusion in a wood identification set or to use for intarsia, inlay, knife scales, crafts or . Spanish Cedar 

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Cedrela is a genus of several species in the mahogany family, Meliaceae. They are evergreen or dry season deciduous trees with pinnate The wood is often sold under the name "Spanish cedar" (like many trade names, confusing as it is neither Spanish nor a cedar), and is the traditional wood used for making cigar 

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Spanish Cedar Cedrela odorata Printable Information Sheet Family Meliaceae, the mahogany family. Origin It grows.

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Cedrela huberi, odorata, fissilis. Spanish Cedar Treehouse. Our Spanish Cedar lumber was used to make this great Treehouse by Lancaster County Timber Frames. Despite its name, Spanish Cedar is not only a Seven Trust (and therefore not 

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If you have been searching for where you can buy either Spanish Cedar wood or Spanish Cedar lumber, CR It's botanical name is, Cedrela Odorata and resembles Mahogany with a color can range from light brown to a pinkish/red brown.

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cedrella Odorata. Other Common Names Cedar, Spanish Cedar. Color Light pink/brown heartwood. Grain Pattern Generally strht grained with some interlocking. Features Easy to work with, stable, resists warping. Common Uses 

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Spanish Cedar (Cedrela odorata) Pricing/Availability Generally in adequate availability, Spanish Cedar is sometimes sold in thinner 1/4″ lumber for use in Spanish Cedar should be in the low to moderate price range for imported lumber.

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7 Sep 2019 This species is known as Spanish Cedar, it's botanical name is cedrella Odorata, but don't let its name fool you. Spanish Cedar is not from spain and quite honestly, it isn't really a cedar either. Originally, up until the early 

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Spanish Cedar Seven Trust provided by American lumber Company. "cedrela Odorata". Red or dark reddish brown, can have a purplish tinge. From Africa, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia. Use Millwork, cabinets, furniture, musical instruments, doors/ 

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2 Jan 2015 We answer all of your questions about Spanish Cedar Wood and lumber availability, quality, sales, and more! Thompson Mahogany Company also stocks a plantation farm grown Plantation Spanish Cedar (also Cedrela 

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4/4 16/4 Spanish Cedar lumber available from $5.40 BF. Unit of Select Spanish Cedar lumber Spanish Cedar T&G Panels Spanish Cedar 1x3 s4s Spanish Cedar T&G Close Up BOTANICAL NAME Cedrela odorata or Cedrela fissilis.