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Decorative panels SlideShare 14 May 2019. Plain wood boards. 2. Laser cut jalis. 3. Textured 3D wall panels. Wood sheets in a variety of widths and lengths. Standard sizes include 8'x6', .

Wall covering SlideShare 12 Apr 2014. Wall covering. 1. Wall Covering; 2. Types of wall covering Paint Wall paper Wooden panels Fabric wall covering Glass wall covering .

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) Panel 11 Dec 2019. GFRG Rapid wall is load bearing pre fabricated walling panel. This is suitable for rapid mass scale building construction was originally .

curtain wall skin of building 10 Feb 2019. CURTAIN WALL SYSTEM Light weight wall systems installed outside of building structure The name derives from the idea that the wall is .

Panel system SlideShare 3 Sep 2019. PANEL SYSTEM Its a structural systems that consists of planar wall and slab elements, which form an enclosed space. The panels can be .

cladding SlideShare 28 Apr 2015. Insulation Sandwiched into panels or added in the form of batts,. Popular interior wall cladding feature in homes and commercial buildings.

Wall type SlideShare 9 Aug 2013. Wall type. 1. WALL TYPES 2013 08 08 SHANGRILA UB PH2; 2. WALL EXTERNAL WALL INTERNAL WALL; 3. EXTERNAL WALL SUPER .

Wall SlideShare 30 Dec 2014. Engineered Wall Panels by: Slide show will advance automatically. At any time, you may use the “left arrow” to back the slide show up, or the .

Wood panelling & staircase 28 Nov 2011. WOODEN PANELING & STAIRCASE Compiled by : FD Architects Forum Gr. Floor . . Walls typically run beneath both sides of this stair.


Portal Framed Construction.ppt ppt Wall panels. Base joint for Portal Frame. The legs or stanchions of the portal frame need connecting at the bottom to a foundation. Here we can see the base .

Sandwich panels SlideShare 14 Feb 2013. SANDWICH PUFF PANELS These panels consists of two facings of relatively thin metal. Lateral Joint Of Vertically Installed Wall Panels; 12.

About Wood Paneling And Wood Wall Paneling 18 Dec 2012. About Wood Paneling And Wood Wall PanelingSuch beadboard panels can make stunning impact within nearly all room in the house.

Wall coverings SlideShare 21 Jun 2015. Wall coverings. 1. Wall Coverings Submitted by: Vidya Anant; 2. Wall covering is the exterior wall skin consisting of panels or sheet. A covering .

Prefabricated wall panel SlideShare 14 May 2019. Introduction 2. Features 3. HISTORY 4. Prefabricated ,advantage and disadvantage 5. Concrete wall panel ,advantage and disadvantage 6.

Csi wall panels Decorative Wall Panels 22 Oct 2019. CSI Wall Panels 3d decorative wall panels bring your walls to life! 3D Wall Covering and Wall Decor are eco friendly, maintenance free, .

Wall cladding SlideShare 7 Oct 2012. Since 1943 Metal Cladding has been providing advanced coating applications to a wide variety of industries such as