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Composite Slabs and Beams Using Steel Decking: Best Practice for Design and Construction. THE METAL CLADDING. members and industry peers to help build businesses and provide competitive advantage through the commercial . . Composite slabs consist of profiled steel decking with an in situ reinforced concrete .

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

11 Nov 2009. Benefits of Metal Roofing. Home and business owners can still purchase corrugated, barn style metal roofs, but today's roofing has evolved significantly. It has become high tech, with a clean look that suits the architectural style of many homes and businesses. Consider the other benefits of upgrading your .

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19 Apr 2008. at site. BENEFITS OF PENNAR METAL DECKING. • Light weight and doesn't require any support, which considerably reduces the use of concrete & slab thickness. • Acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering. • No major reinforcement required. • Deck can be used as working platform during .

Structural Decking Omnis

Our VT Structural Roof Decking and VK Structural Tray ranges offer the designer a long span solution reducing the amount of structural frame whether steel frame or. Benefits. 18 profiles of structural deck and structural trays in a large range of gauges and finishes; Vast range of outer sheet solutions for both roof and wall .

HOLORIB® and SUPERHOLORIB® composite profiles Tata

The combination of concrete and steel gives composite building structures for floors that optimally combine the advantages of both construction materials.. HOLORIB® SUPERHOLORIB® composite floor deck is the most widespread composite floor deck, that optimally solves all problems regarding fire protection, dynamic .

Steel Decking Advantages SWUK Steel

The main advantages in using steel decking in composite concrete slab construction as opposed to other methods of flooring in the UK.. Cable trays and pipes can be hung from the underside of the steel decking by attaching them to special 'dovetail' recesses fixed into the decking profile. Using this relatively inexpensive .

ComFlor® 60 Tata Steel Construction

This design is exceptionally resistant to compressive buckling resulting in superior span capability compared to traditional decks.. Low concrete and steel usage.. Long span and versatile: The combined trapezoidal and re entrant profile provides the benefits of easy service hanging, good shear interaction and long .

Decking Profiles Pennar

Benefits of Pennar Metal Decking: Light weight. Doesn't require any support, which considerably reduces the use of concrete & slab thickness. Acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering; No major reinforcement required; Deck can be used as a working platform during construction; Speedy construction .

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MetFloor® 60 is a shallow trapezoidal composite floor deck made from S350 steel. The 60 refers to the height of the profile in mm to the shoulder, before the dovetail of the profile. In this case 60mm. Like MetFloor 80 it differs from MetFloor 55 which is a re entrant design deck system. MetFloor 60 is the amazing result of our .

The Benefits of Corrugated Floor Decking

12 Feb 2019. Corrugated metal panels can be fashioned as a slim way to reinforce concrete floors. Explore our selection of corrugated floor decking today.

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ASC Steel Deck products offer the beauty of exposed steel as an added benefit to the structural performance required of. deck products. From the standard 1½" to 3" roof and composite floor deck, to concrete form deck, to long spanning deep deck profiles, ASC Steel Deck's extensive product offer meets the needs of the .

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BONDEK® Structural Steel Decking is a highly efficient, versatile and robust formwork, reinforcement and ceiling system. DESIGN ADVANTAGES INCLUDE: • Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength. BONDEK® profiled steel decking is roll formed from hot dipped, zinc coated, hi tensile steel strip, in Base Metal .

ComFlor® Structural Metal Decking Composite

Composite Profiles supply and install the full range of Tata Steel decking including the complete range of floor profiles. Each profile provides a variety of advantages to meet all of your technical requirements and provides full flexibility to ensure that the needs of your project can be fulfilled regardless of complexity or cost .


Roof deck are typically used as the structural component of many flat, pitched, or arched roof systems because of their benefits with regards to strength, weight, and economy. It is commonly attached to open web steel joists, structural steel, or light gage framing. Aside from the standard roof deck profiles, longspan, cellular, .